• Quality Fabrics & Accessories Naturally Dyed with Woad

    Quality fashion accessories naturally dyed with woad

Woad is the natural pigment obtained from a plant called Isatis tinctoria

Woad has been historically used in Europe to dye textiles and yarns. Through naturally dyed fashion accessories, we keep spreading its magical history: a close relationship between nature, agriculture, textiles and craftmanship.

Guado Urbino is for all nature and art lovers who want to discover a unique forgotten story.

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The power of nature

Woad tells about color, nature and magic. Alessandra loves every shade of it and she tells about it with eyes full of amazement. Here's the video:

Guado Urbino is nature, traditions and sustainability

Woad is optained from Isatis Tinctoria, which is grown and harvested locally. We work with dedication to spread the beautiful history of this ancient pigment, recovering the natural dye and bringing it back to life. To do so, we work together with small local artisan businesses who take care of every detail of our products: we strongly believe in italian craftmanship and artisan traditions, distinctive features of our country.

Why woad


Our fashion accessories are conceived, designed and crafted in Italy

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Woad: History of a natural color

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Our products bear the name of women of Urbino during the Renaissance