Hemp Linen Blend Table Runner Donna Laura da Farneta

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Donna Laura da Farneta is a large table runner in raw fabric made from handloom pure hemp and linen, naturally dyed with woad.
This article originates from ancient wedding trousseau, therefore it is unique and limited in availability: its production was interrupted more then fifty years ago due to the progress of textile industry.
Its natural application is as a piece of furniture, "en plein air" or wherever you want.


Fabric: 100% natural hemp and linen, organic and Italian.  

Size: Variable - 65/72cm x 200/205 cm - 25/28Inch x 78/80Inch

Origin: Italy, from ancient wedding trousseau


Wash on a normal cycle at a warm (40°C – 105°F) or cool (30°C – 85°F) temperature.Tumble dry on medium.

Read our Care instructions page for more information.