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Women of Urbino during Renaissance era, between beauty, art, poetry and nature.


We were inspired by the women of the Renaissance, who lived in Urbino at the time when woad was most used. The women we are telling about were born in the Duchy and played a marginal but important role in history. They lived between beauty, art, poetry and nature, remaining unforgettable for their roles: a mother, a daughter, a witch, a courtesan and a literate.

Giovanna Feltria 

Giovanna was born in Urbino in 1463 and was the third daughter of Federico da

Montefeltro and Battista Sforza. She played an important role in the Duchy, since she was not only daughter of Federico da Montefeltro, but also mother of Francesco Maria I della Rovere. She may have been portrayed in Raphael’s famous painting "La Muta" and his portrait in Urbino represents an austere and silent melancholy female identity.

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Donna Laura da Farneta

Donna Laura was a poor woman who was accused of witchcraft.

Born in Cagli in the Duchy of Urbino in 1520, she is unforgettable for her process but no one ever portrays her. We do not want to imagine her performing rituals or spells, but in symbiosis with the natural world and magic plants.

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Laura Battiferri

Laura was born in Urbino in 1523 and was a passionate literature as well as unforgettable and cultured poetess. She was wife of the famous architect Bartolomeo Ammannati and has been portrayed by Bronzino. We were struck by the strong character that emerges from the posture and by that feminine veil laid on her the head.

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Pacifica Brandani

Pacifica, gentleman and courtesan at the court of Urbino, lover of Giuliano de Medici, died in 1511 giving birth to Ippolito. Little is known about her, but it could be, as some say, she was portrayed by Leonardo da Vinci at the behest of Giuliano de Medici in the most iconic painting in the world... the Mona Lisa. The portrait at the Louvre in Paris is perhaps the unforgettable image of a woman from Urbino, who smiles enigmatic.

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Magia Ciarla

Magia was married to Giovanni Santi - painter at the court of Federico da Montefeltro - and mother of Raffaello Sanzio. He was born in Urbino and lived there until his death, when Raphael was only eight years old. He rests since 1501 in the church of San Francesco near his home. We can only remember her as the loving mother of a child destined to become immortal.

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