Everything started out of passion

Guado Urbino was founded in 2016, from an idea of Alessandra Ubaldi


Alessandra Ubaldi - Guado Urbino Fashion Accessories

Alessandra is passionate about art and looses herself in the charm of everything ancient.

Alessandra graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Urbino and is deeply interested in crafts and history. In 2016 she decided to open a small shop in the historic city center of Urbino. The shop is inspired by the history of woad and in this ancient atmosphere Alessandra tells about the territory, the duchy and this unforgettable blue color.


Woad is the natural pigment obtained from Isatis tinctoria, historically used in Europe to dye textiles and yarns.

For six thousand years, man has used plants to dye. Only a little over a century ago, since the discovery of artificial color, has this magical practice been lost. Among all the natural colors now forgotten due to the daily choice of artificial colors, woad has a particular story, that leads us to reflect on recovering ancient traditions and presents several elements such as a very strong symbolism, the history of agriculture, art and costume. 


Guado Urbino is located in the territory where woad has been grown and harvested for four hundred years.

In the Duchy of Urbino, precisely in the area of the Apennines, woad has been intensively cultivated. Important traces of cultivation and processing are given by the presence of many woad millstones scattered in the territory. Numerous documents tell about control on cultivation and production of woad and how the Duchy was a very important district of cultivation until 1600.