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a unique natural pigment 

Magia Ciarla
Magia Ciarla
Magia Ciarla
Magia Ciarla
Magia Ciarla
Magia Ciarla

Magia Ciarla

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Magia Ciarla is a 100% silk voile foulard. It is light, precious and refined. It is the only fabric available to us whose origin is not directly Italian, but of which we can equally guarantee the high quality. Its natural application is as a special feminine accessory.


Fabric: 100%  pure natural voile silk.  

Size: 90/90cm - 35/35Inch

Origin: Asia and Italy


Hand wash at cool temperature (30°C – 85°F). Hang dry and iron at medium temperature.

Read our Care instructions page for more information.

Our distinctive values

why should you choose us 

Locally grown and harvested Isatis tinctoria 

The pigment we use is obtained from a plant called Isatis tinctoria, which is grown and harvested locally. Isatis tinctoria, known by the term of "woad", is a plant of the brassicaceae family, it is of Asian origin and was almost certainly introduced in the European area as early as the Neolithic.

Ancient traditions

Rediscovering natural dyeing means a lot to us. We work with dedication to spread the beautiful history of this ancient pigment, recovering the natural dye and bringing it back to life.

Local manufacturing and premium quality Italian fabrics  

We work together with small local artisan businesses who take care of every detail of our products: we strongly believe in italian craftmanship and artisan traditions, distinctive features of our country.

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